The Silence of Place: Desert and Ocean

Reddish brown desert sand that is molded by hot wind into crescent-shaped barchans stretch for miles out the front of my tent door.   Blue water transparent and glassy suspends my boat between the limitless space of ocean and sky.  There is no sound except for the soft breath I expel in the heat of the... Continue Reading →

Zamalek – Cairo in the corona days

During these corona nights in Cairo, I often see fleets of kites above the governate of Giza and my island neighborhood of Zamalek. They remind me of windsocks at a marina as they point north into the wind over the Nile. There is something brave and optimistic about them.

The Bay of Biscay

Today the ship has been rocking and rolling as we headed west southwest out of the English Channel and into the Bay of Biscay. The large metal white board in my classroom went crashing over as I was teaching and I reached out to grab it before it hit a couple of chairs. The pitch... Continue Reading →

Back at Sea – Semester at Sea

Hello all, I'm back at sea finally but this time on the Semester at Sea "MV World Odyssey for Fall 2019. I'm teaching two courses and directing the Writing Center. We are currently at 50 degrees.05 minutes North, 002 degrees 08 minutes East which puts us coming out of the English Channel, almost. Apparent wind... Continue Reading →

The feminine journey as odyssey

   Today I’ve been thinking about the idea of the heroine’s journey in relation to my own travels. This came about when I began to revise my in-progress historical fiction novel set in northern Labrador, Canada. The female protagonist, Claire is a curious woman on a summer’s long-distance coastal rowing journey. From the beginning however,... Continue Reading →

American Samoa and Its Change of Climate

Over the past year, I’ve been interested to see how many of the places in the world where I rowed are in the daily news. With today’s White House announcement of America’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord, I’m struck by how short sighted and self-serving this is given the U.S. has responsibilities to its... Continue Reading →

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