The feminine journey as odyssey

   Today I’ve been thinking about the idea of the heroine’s journey in relation to my own travels. This came about when I began to revise my in-progress historical fiction novel set in northern Labrador, Canada. The female protagonist, Claire is a curious woman on a summer’s long-distance coastal rowing journey. From the beginning however,... Continue Reading →


Gilles Deleuze and My Desert Island in the Labrador Sea

Was it on that rock island in the Labrador Sea where the pulling away began? Giles Deleuze, my favorite philosopher once wrote, "Dreaming of islands - whether with joy or in fear, it doesn’t matter - is dreaming of pulling away, or being already separate, far from any continent, of being lost and alone—or it... Continue Reading →

American Samoa and Its Change of Climate

Over the past year, I’ve been interested to see how many of the places in the world where I rowed are in the daily news. With today’s White House announcement of America’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord, I’m struck by how short sighted and self-serving this is given the U.S. has responsibilities to its... Continue Reading →

An Ocean Calm – A braided essay

A dead calm is defined as no wind at all from “The Dictionary of English Nautical Language”. Atlantic Ocean Logbook: 20 days at sea   As the dead calm descends around the rowboat, my body and mind begins to relax and I worry less and less about the next wave. The smoothness of the ocean’s surface... Continue Reading →

Many thanks to Fiona Outdoors!

Take a look at the latest posting of Rowing for My Life: Two Oceans, Two Lives, One Journey, my adventure memoir about rowing across the Atlantic and South Pacific Oceans. Fiona Outdoors has won the MY OUTDOORS BLOGGER OF THE YEAR 2016

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